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Been on the computer  a lot? Having numbness or dropping items? Having nagging pains interfering with your gardening or hobbies? Is it getting harder to move around because of stiffness and pain? 

 For Medicare B (federal programs) are you losing strength, have fallen, still winded after Covid? If you live in Spencer or Ripley, WV within 5 miles of Walmart, I do home visits.  You DO NOT have to be homebound. It’s outpatient therapy at home.

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“Very professional, prompt for appointment. Explained verbally and or visually exercises to be done to increase my leg strength. Referred me to get a shoe lift which helped me with balance and also gave me exercises to improve balance. [Adina] was very pleasant and therapy really helped me a lot. Would highly recommend her.”

JP, Shingletown

In January I had my first knee replaced after thirty years of limited mobility. Physical Therapist Adina Verrett was instrumental in my rehabilitation and stayed with me through my second knee surgery in June of the same  year. Her knowledge and ability to explain anatomy was invaluable especially because my second surgery was far more complicated. Adina knew just the right spots to work and her strong hands helped loosen problem areas. It took personal work on my part, but with Adina’s guidance I am stronger than I have been in decades. I now walk or ride a stationary bike a half mile at least five days a week. I highly recommend Adina Verrett.” 



Ms. Verrett was instrumental in the healing process of my injured back and left hip.  She in 5 visits proved to me her knowledge and practical use of her previous education, special education, special training and experience that not only guided her, but also informed me with better understanding of my physical plight and how to treat it for recovery with proper exercises and walking.  Her understanding and communication are great.   Warren S.


“After a diagnosis of age-related arthritis in my shoulder with a cortisone injection the only relief the doctor offered, I found myself contacting Adina Verrett at the suggestion of a friend. At the time I could not scratch the back of my head, or touch the middle of my lower back. With Adina’s thorough knowledge of body mechanics and her patient instruction I was able to improve my mobility by 100%. Direct services lasted about three weeks and then it took me another six weeks of faithfully working at my exercises to achieve full range of motion. I highly recommend Adina if you have found medical advice and treatment ineffective.

Jenny C. (age 62)



Meet Your Goals

Specialized Treatments for a Variety of  Problems

Believe. Learn. Do.

  • Pain and stiffness
  • Joint Replacements-knee and hip
  • Post-surgical loss of function
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Loss of balance and falls
  • Loss of strength and mobility
  • Loss of gait [walking] quality and endurance
  • Stroke and neurological deficits
  • Chronic pain and loss of function
  • Decreasing independence in daily activities

I offer one-on-one treatments. Not with a PTA or and aide.

Treatments may include exercise, manual therapy, gait training, transfer training, home safety training, modalities [heat, cold, infrared, salves, healing oils] for pain relief and equipment modification and recommendations. 

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Mobile Concierge PT

For 45 minute medical massage and PT .


  • Targeted medical massage as needed
  • Specialty salve to reduce pain and spasms as needed
  • Individualized stretches/strengthening to help you meet your healthy living and moving goals. 

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Digital Clinic PT

40 minute sessions



  • Functional Evaluation-what you can’t do
  • Functional Recovery Plan-let’s get you back to that.
  • Self-care education
  • Individualized stretch/strengthening to help you meet your healthy living and moving goals.book appointment

Health Protocols and Products

Based on nutrition 

Get help with weight loss, T2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, slow healing fractures, bone spurs. 


  • DePain Salve
  • DeOssi Tincture
  • $75+
  • Protocols  and Products for
  • Joint Recovery
  • Bone Spurs/Stenosis
  • Disc Derangements
  • Compression Fracture


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