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Group Coaching-Zoom

Adina Verrett, PT, HC

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally-A 60 Day Challenge  2021


Known as the silent killer, this condition can alter life triggering heart attacks and strokes. Join me during a 60 day quest to reduce your risks of heart attacks, kidney disease, and strokes following a proven plan not dependent on medications.

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Adina Verrett, PT, HC

Conquering Chronic Pain

Days and nights of unrelenting pain has created a class of people living a miserable existence. Results to recover require integrated approach. Pills and exercise are not enough. Sign up to get notified of next workshop. Will be a online workshop.

A 60- day Group Coaching Challenge

Adina Verrettt, PT, HC

Conquer Diabetes

You will learn a new school of thought
about the true cause of T2 diabetes and
the habits that are putting you at risk
for complications.
Your questions will be answered about
what to eat and why and how to begin
to make daily choices to stop the
progression of this disease.
Traditional diabetes treatment still
leads to dependence on medications,
amputations, kidney failure, and

Coming Soon

Adina Verrett , PT, HC

Removing Calcifications

Strokes, leg and arm weakness, kidney pain, gallbladder pain., bone spurs, degenerative joint disease. What do these have in common? Too much calcium. Does this mean stop eating calcium? Not in the least. Over calicification is a preventable and correctable condition. Learn natural ways to remove extra bone growths, spurs, and calcifications in  arteries. 

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