Heel spurs keeping you from wearing your favorite pumps or working out?

Can’t stay on your feet for work due to excruciating heel pain?


Give me 4 weeks to get you wearing your pumps, jogging, or doing your job pain free!


I have designed a  Bone Spur Recovery Kit that includes natural products to attack this problem head on to reduce your pain and get you on the mend.


Are you suffering from unbearable heel pain all of the time?

Are your heels so painful when you wake up in the morning you can’t put your feet on the floor?

Are you dying to get off or your feet after 6 hours of  your eight-hour shift?

 You can significantly reduce this pain using my Bone Spur Recovery kit in 4 weeks.

 I have treated patients who have had spurs after working  12 hours days doing landscaping, pounding their feet while jogging on the asphalt roads, and walking  on concrete floors for their jobs for hundreds of hours. The symptoms can be calmed with physical therapy treatments , but I had no way of helping and teaching people how to directly resolve this problem until now.

Who am I? Why am I qualified, personally and professionally? As a physical therapist for over 25 years,  I know how to treat many painful conditions. There are some that resolve within weeks and some take longer, but there are others that supposedly, only surgery can fix.   I have been blessed to have advanced training in nutrition and herbalism that has helped me to develop formulations that  directly help to reduce the symptoms and the cause of the symptoms from the inside and outside.



This Bone Spur Recovery Kit is for you if you want a natural approach that will begin to decrease the over calcification causing the spur from the inside and outside.

This is for you if you are tired of being in pain when your foot hits the ground in the morning.

This is for you if you are frustrated with  your sore heels and can’t walk around to do your job without pain.

This is for you if you’ve tried pain pills, foot soaks, injections with little to no lasting relief.

This is for you if you’ve abandoned your favorite shoes that look fab with that favorite outfit.

This is for you if you have been told that surgery is your only option. BTW -surgery is likely not a good choice for this condition, besides, what’s going to keep if from coming back?


If you follow the  system in my Bone Spur Recovery Kit you will see results within as soon as 3 weeks. There will be a change in the size and irritation at your heel, as you will be helping the body  from the outside using my natural ingredient salve to decrease the inflammation and using the specialty tea and nutritional plan to repair the damage from the inside.


Imagine  wearing your favorite shoes again -we all know nothing dates you better than a bad pair of shoes.

What will it feel like to get  back to  your favorite HIIT workout or take up jogging again for that endorphin release as the wind blows your hair.

See yourself hiking with your family on the next vacay, backpack in tow. You’re gonna get to the top with your kiddo! 

There are excellent physical therapists out there helping people everyday. I am a physical therapist who has worked with helping people to relieve different kinds of pain and getting back to life and work again, but I have become frustrated with certain diagnoses that I cannot help to fully improve because the underlying condition is still present. Many therapists do an excellent job with relieving pain, but there are some hard cases  that massage, ultrasound, and stretching can’t touch.

I am no longer satisfied with only calming down a raging storm of pain knowing that given enough time this will intensify again. I also want to give the power to the people like yourself to be engaged in your improvement. If you were my patient you would only see me at most 2-3 ½ hours in an entire week.  So that’s out of 168 hours. I tell my patients, it’s what you do when you don’t see me that is going to get you the results.

Traditional treatments especially for bone conditions cannot create a full recovery. Allopathic medicine wants to use medications or surgery to treat symptoms but these do not adequately fix the problems and create temporary help. In many cases, the problem can still return.


With this Bone Spur Recovery kit you will:

  • Learn what causes the over calcification problem and what to do to avoid creating more of this irritating bony build up pressing into the tissues of your feet and heels;
  • The steps to take BEFORE starting any program to help your body recover. If you are not doing this you are wasting your time and money;
  • Find relief because for the first time you will be able to directly treat the bone pain so that you can walk on your feet again with a natural, chemical free salve and tea that assists the body with no side effects;
  • Learn how to properly nourish the body so that you can help the body to repair the damage

“I know the instructions say to use this 3 times per day, but I can’t quite follow that schedule.  with my busy day. I averaged once a day and really rubbed it in. I can move better in two weeks. I know it would feel better than this if I followed the full recommendations. “ H. N.


The Bone Spur Recovery Kit includes:

  • DeOssi BT Salve

  • DeOssi Tea

  • Two Week Nutrition Plan to reduce inflammation and pain

  • “Over Calcification: The Causes and Remedies” course


  • DeOssi BT Salve [$27.00]
  • DeOssi Tea [$12.00]
  • Two Week Nutritional Protocol and Recipes to reduce inflammation and pain [$67]
  • “Over Calcification- The Causes and Remedies” and other courses [$167]

 Total of $237

Bonuses – But Wait, There’s More

Because I know that they are other areas related to this issue that are likely contributing to your pain, I am offering 

  • One 1:1 Virtual Physical Therapy Consultation- this is only for the first 10 people [$80]

You’re Not Gonna Pay $317 or Even $117.

For a limited time you will pay just $67

That’s $67.

If I were to do this treatment on you in person for the 4 weeks- using the salve, sending you home with the tea, going through the exercises, working out your soft tissue adhesions, teaching you the information in the course, and outlining a nutritional plan it would run you closer to $800 for  my clinic time, teaching, and consulting.

When you buy the Bone Recovery Kit, you are not going to pay $800 or even $317 or even $150.

If You Don’t Buy From Me, You Will Have to Go Through What I Went Through, Working as a PT  and Being Frustrated with Being Unable to  Fully Resolve Spurs, Taking  Months of Coursework, Researching, and Finding Experts, to Discover This Information.

If you don’t buy this kit from me you also will continue to:

  • Wonder when and where to find relief;
  • Live a crippled, desperate life suffering from unbearable heel pain all of the time;
  • Experience searing pain when you wake up in the morning and put your feet on the floor;
  • Agonizing through your shift, popping Aleve, Tylenol Extra Strength- look out kidneys and liver-trouble ahead!
  • Begin to put on weight because a painful body is hard to keep moving and weight gain will only add insult to injury;
  • Be forever banned from exercising the way you like and enjoy because these things do not “just go away”;
  • Missing out on those great outdoor hikes and round the world trips because you can’t walk more than 1 hour before the pain spikes to a 8/10.


This is a limited offer because there is only such much of myself to go around. This early bird price is only for the first 10 people who purchase the Bone Recovery Kit. After that the price goes up.


I am so sure that you will get results that I am offering a money back guarantee. You can use the salve and tea, take the course and if you do not get results after following the protocol I will give you your money back.


If you want to take advantage of today’s offer then click this link here

Send Me My Kit!


If you don’t buy now, you will wish you did when you wake up a month from now with the same debilitating pain. This price saves you $30 off of the future price that will go up and will not include the PT consultation.


This is  the kit you are buying now:

  • DeOssi BT Salve [$27.00]
  • DeOssi Tea [$12.00]
  • Two Week Nutritional Protocol and Recipes to reduce inflammation and pain [$37]
  • “How to Get Rid of Over-calcification for Good” course [$197]
  • One 1:1 Physical Therapy Consultation- this is only for the first 10 people [$80]

 Total of $317

Think about this.

If you go to a physical therapy clinic and pay an average of $10-$75 co-pays for 10 sessions, that’s $100 to $750 dollars and you may get relief. Remember however that physical therapy, injections, and arch supports will not eliminate bone spurs. If you continue to work 8-12 hours on your feet or do not fix what caused it, what are the chances of returning for more care in 6-8 months?

There goes another $100 to $750. Really?

Isn’t $67 more than reasonable? But remember this is for a limited time.

Why spend another day being miserable, avoiding the active life you miss, and suffer through searing pain that tears you up almost every time you walk?


What makes this different from the other salves out there for pain?

My formula doesn’t just contain ingredients for pain, but  directly works on the irritating calcification build up. It is based on an herbalist  formulation. The formula also contains specific minerals required to rebuild the tissue strength. Most pain salves are for, well, pain. This one goes far beyond just treating the pain!

My physical therapist and doctor said that the only thing to do is surgery to get rid of my spur. Are they lying to me?

Your clinicians are truly knowledgeable and are treating your condition according to the traditional standards of care. Based on the outcomes of their approach- not being able to get rid of the spur and directly dealing with the cause- the only option they know to give you is surgery. Surgery is a very disruptive procedure. When you cut tissue, it is never the same as your original tissue. Again,  without the cause of the condition being addressed, the symptoms will return. Think about someone having a heart attack. Cardiac doctors go in to do open heart surgery and put in transplanted vessels to pass the area where there is a blockage. This may seem to help, but it if the cause of the blockages is not corrected, these bypasses themselves will clog up again. The person some time later will again have another heart attack or worse yet, die from cardiac arrest.

Why do I have to buy the whole kit? Can’t I just get the salve by itself?

Good question. This almost relates to the previous question. The flaw within our approach to health is that many people want a quick fix—which is not a fix. It’s a lazy approach to self-care. Many want the quick and short-term benefits of pain relief only to have to return again for relief in a few months. I guess if you want to spend your money that way it is up to you, but I don’t want to sell partial solutions. The natural products work synergistically with a whole body approach- inside and outside.

The kit contains an educational component that  will help you understand why over calcification happens and what you can do to avoid this becoming a chronic problem. The self-care education teaches you what steps to take to rebuild the tissue that supports the foot and reduce compressive forces causing your aggravating symptoms. Going back to the above illustration about heart surgery. The success of this procedure depends on the patient making changes and correcting what created the blockages in the first place. The same is true about the kit. 


Ok. I get it Adina. I am going to be smart about this.

Send me my kit for $67!