How is BP Managed in America?

An American Dance

 The doctor takes your blood pressure and (of course) it’s higher than is considered safe. The first line treatment is a diuretic; a “water pill”.  You go home, the dehydration is worse. Return trip to the doctor you are again discovered to be not only hypertensive, but your heart rate is up. Adding Insult to Injury?

Let’s say your water intake has been dismally inadequate and your brain is crying for better blood supply.  The body responds with a faster heart- beat and tighter blood vessels to squeeze the blood more effectively up to the top of your head.

Next step? Brain Thirst With that you go home, your heart is now slow, but the brain is still crying out for blood so all the blood vessels in your body get even tighter to squeeze the remaining blood to the top of your head. 

Back to the doctor you go for follow up; Guess what he finds?

So the dance goes on. I am offering you a chance to stop this cycle and get your blood pressure under control with less if not any medications. 

To participate in this challenge you will need;

  • Determination to succeed and a can do attitude
  • 30 days to see a change in your blood pressure
  • Be committed for 60  days of support to get a thorough education and  do what the program outlines. 

Prior to the challenge we will have a 15 minute phone conversation so I can be aware of your particular journey in managing this diagnosis.

There is a fee to participate. 

The program consists of:

  • Protocol with an outline of a progressive nutrition plan;
  • We will read a book as on our own and discuss the principles and how to apply them;
  • Weekly group sessions that will offer education and support via discussion  and video;
  • A group chat platform so that we can have conversations and offer each other support;
  • 1:1 texting unlimited. One 1:1 call session per month
  • A 30-day formulation from me that specifically works to optimize the function of the organs involved in BP regulation. 
A $75 deposit is required to hold your spot and for the preparation of your formulation. This will be collected once it is determined that you are a good fit for the program. You will receive an invoice to pay the balance.