Fat in the Diet increases many health risks.

Why Does My Body Hurt?

Chronic pain is a million dollar problem. Here are a few facts about chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Costs more than $635 Billion dollars a year (American Health & Drug Benefits

Back pain is the most common form (Pain Doctor)

70% of chronic pain sufferers are women (Harvard Health Publishing)

50% of adults suffer from chronic headaches (World Health Organization) 

Pain is very real. I am not going to try to simplify this too much especially if you have been suffering from pain for a long time but if there is any way to lessen the pain. Is it worth learning about? 

There are some steps to take in the journey to relieve the pain, but it does take dedication and focus–a quality difficult to conjure up when hurting. 

Pain can be due to:

Damaged tissues

Nutritional deficiency

Being emotionally locked in anger, shame, fear, etc

Poor circulation in the tissue

Toxins in the tissues

There‚Äôs much to unpack here, but one of the first things I would suggest is a detox. 

What kind of pain are you experiencing and where in your body?