Fat in the Diet increases many health risks.



Why is Fat So Dangerous?

Symptoms of high blood sugars are dry mouth, thirst, blurred vision, and frequent urination?. These are signs of something going awry. 

Some of the causes of high blood sugars are too little insulin, too much food, too much of the wrong kinds of fat, illness, stress, and infections. 

At the first sign of trouble your pancreas is strong enough to dump insulin into your blood and shuttle the sugar into two places for storage, your muscle and your liver and other tissues to be used, like your brain.

 If the causes of high blood sugars do not change, the body will start to rebel.  Your liver can get to a point where it cannot store any more sugar / glycogen and so it is going to start to package the extra sugar/glucose into fat cells. That’s fat — around your abdomen, liver and muscles.  Lab work says-elevated triglycerides. As this fat coats your cells, the sugar can’t get in. Problem compounded. 

These free floating sugar will now move into tissues that do not need a special gatekeeper (receptor) to get in–thus the problem with damage to the eyes, kidneys, and nerves of feet and hands. 

If you feel like you are doing everything right and are still having troubles lowering the sugars, then it’s time to look at what’s happening at a deeper level. The body is amazing, but under chronic assaults, it will wear out. Repair is required for true health.  And yes the body can repair IF you start early enough. 

Rejuvenation. That’s what I offer in my program. DM with any questions. Many people know this information, but the fact that we have 25 million diabetics in America tells me that not enough people  know.  Don’t assume. Please share this with any pre diabetes or T2 diabetic you know.

 What are your struggles?