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An integrative hybrid clinic established to help you meet your  health building goals- the natural way


Adina Verrett, PT, HC

If you are looking to get more energy, mind clarity, lower your blood sugar or blood pressure, or relieve pain using natural methods, I can help through a 30-90 day customized signature program.


Health Workshops and Group Challenges

Learn and apply strategies to recover your health.

Want to avoid surgery? I offer a proprietary treatment and program for arthritis and joint/muscle pain. 


Offering Mobile Medical Massage and PT Stretch/Strengthening

Available limited area- Spencer WV 

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My Journey to becoming Natural Health  Consultant

I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years. During the years of my career I have help many people get their independence back, move better, and resolve pain, which has been rewarding work, but I began to notice that there was a gap in the healthcare system.  

The heavily driven medication or surgery approach was leaving many people in chronic pain or with loss of quality of life because the preventable diseases were leaving them with irreversible losses due to strokes, heart attacks, loss of legs, and general weakness.

I decided to become a part of a solution and have taken many hours of training in  health coaching, natural remedies, and integrative nutrition. 

If you are here to make a change in how you take care of your health, welcome. If you are on a journey to understand more about getting back your energy, shape, control, or life, I welcome you too. 

I am here to share and guide you through that journey using the decades of experience and education.

 Talk to me today about my signature health transformation programs. I will combine my skills as a physical therapist and health coach to design a program just for you. 


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RESTORED Wellness Coaching

A 30- 90 day program

Personalized Program

A customized protocol outlining schedules/menus during different phases of the program-cleanse, detox, nourish, and rebuild

Recommended or customized  nutritional products to assist the body through four phases of healing;


Education and Accountability

A course teaching the key principles to regain your health because correct knowledge IS power; 

Mindset coaching, a customized fitness program, & app;



A supportive community of like minded women

Weekly coaching calls with Adina (optional)







Hi [Adina],

Must share the good news. Joe had a dr appointment today with his diabetes dr.  The dr was completely blown away with the sugar levels and his A1C.  Joe is now off of his insulin and taking half of his diabetes medication. We share the webinar with the doctor. The doctor was in total agreement with his [particular exercise routine].  He told Joe this is a MUST  if he wants the A1C lower and not go back on the insulin 
I feel the weigh is off my shoulders and now rest solely with him. Thanks for your efforts and support . Mrs. D

Joe D. 

Case Study #1: 47 y/o M Challenges : HTN, weight, and AIC- Stressful life, large family.  After following my old protocol x 6 weeks.  

Baseline BP:        161/103       Weight: 200#

6 Weeks BP:    152/85              Weight: 194#


Case Study #2: 73 y/o F Challenges : Elevated Blood sugars , HTN, weight.    

Baseline BP:        141/~80

Glucose: 138 fasting   Weight: 270#


6 Weeks BP:    122/63   

Fasting Glucose:   119          Weight:              249#




What Do I Offer For RESTORED Health?

Telehealth PT session

Available for:

  1. Neck pain
  2. Post op TKR/THR
  3. Balance 
  4. Computer workers

Pain has a purpose, but it is not to linger.

Customized Health Protocol

I currently offer protocols for:

  1. Type 2 Diabetes
  2. High Blood pressure
  3. Chronic Pain
  4. Joint/arthritis repair

This silent killer stalks many Americans.

Wellness Classes and Challenges

Lower My Blood Pressure Naturally

March 2021



Natural Healthcare Products

DePain Salvepain relieving salve

DeStress Mg Cream -restless leg, sleep difficulty, blood pressure

DegenRepair- Coming Soon  

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